BECAUSE ____________.

Your answer, is why we're here.

We are organized and driven to help you sort through your financial and emotional concerns that can entangle you. We work to free you up to focus on the things that matter most to you.

As a Fee-Only, client-first firm, delivering solutions based upon WHY you came to visit with us is where we prove ourselves to be valuable to you, your family, your business and your legacy.

Our Holistic Approach Evolves With You

Consider that when you approach your wealth
holistically, different dimensions are evolving but not always with the same pace and direction.


Financial • Creating clear and realistic expectations among the heirs. Teaching all heirs values and responsibility about managing wealth. Generating a sense of responsibility and capability to support the long term strategy. 


Structural • A written Family Constitution. Regular meetings of family councils, assemblies and boards. Accountability and clear communication to beneficiaries.


Human -Developing the character, skills and identity of each heir to understand how to manage wealth, to find important work, and to live in a complex, difficult and demanding global environment.


Family • Generating respect and trust by regular communication. Healing past misunderstandings and hurts. Ability to listen and learn from each other. 


Societal • Expressing their values in the community through
action. Involving all family members in service and philanthropy. Human • Initiating age appropriate discussions about money with heirs. Building self esteem and identity independent of having money. Helping heirs develop a sense of purpose for their lives.
Developing skills and capability to make their way independently.


Spiritual •  Understanding the deeper meaning and purpose of wealth in their lives. Family mission and values statement. Telling the family story to the next generation. Talking together about values and what is really important.

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