Prosperity Wealth Management


Multi-Generational Wealth Planning

A tailored, strategic plan for your family's wealth.

This program looks to secure your family's legacy across multiple generations. We start this process by empowering multiple generations involvement in the planning process, so that alignment is created for generations to come.

How can our values be preserved and taught to future generations?
How do we approach competing needs within the family?
How can we discover common objectives and priorities?

Financial Planning

Are you looking for an integrated approach for all the interconnected areas of your financial life?

This program serves as a compass and coach for your financial decisions – and big life decisions. We recognize that money matters; it's just not all that matters.

How can I most leverage my financial resources to live in alignment with my values?
Should I pay down by debt early or increase retirement savings?
When do I need to consider a will?
How much insurance is too much? Are my existing policies right for me?

Financial Projects

Are there ares of your financial life presenting roadblocks to living the life you love?

Focus on the specific financial topics that are on your mind right now and get custom-to-you answers, so you can spend less time worrying about the right decision and more time on what matters most to you. 

How much should I be saving for my child's college?
Can I save more money by using my company benefits in a different way?
How can my partner and I get on the same page about working toward our goals?
Am I paying down debt in the most efficient way possible?

Investment Management

Are you looking for a strategic plan for your investments?

We believe investment management is an important component to a financial plan. With that being said, it is just one component of your plan. Our firm offers investment management to those who are current financial planning or wealth planning clients. We believe it is more difficult to effectively manage assets with no financial plan in place.  That is why we prioritize financial planning and use investment management as a piece to that puzzle.

Is my portfolio taking on too much risk?
Are my investments increasing or deceasing my tax liability?
What's the best way to draw down my assets in retirement?