Financial Projects

Are there areas of your financial life presenting roadblocks to living the life you love?

Designed for those looking for guidance and support in specific areas of their financial lives

Focus on the financial topic that's on your mind now. We deliver the custom-to-you answers so you can spend less time worrying about the right decision, and more time working toward your goals.

Potential Financial Projects:

Student Loan Repayment Strategy

Budgeting & Cash Flow Strategy

Insurance Needs Analysis

Company Benefits Review

Investment Analysis

Navigating Life Changes

 - Buying a home
 - New parents
 - Starting a business
 - Divorce
 - New career planning

Our team can help provide you with the answers.

How We Help

Process Overview

We will take a deep-dive into specifics of your situation, consider options you have and the benefits of different strategies, and run real-time projections to see the impact of these strategies over the long term.

We make sure the recommendations are in line with your values so that you feel confident and comfortable that the path forward is leading toward your desired version of a life of intention and growth.

What's Included:

Help organizing your current financials

Prior to your first meeting, our team will analyze your financials and do some background work, so we can hit the ground running. 

1 - 3 Meetings

The initial meeting will cover your current financial situation, help you make sense of the overall picture, and provide alternative routes that may be considered. The next 2-3 meetings will provide an opportunity to answer your questions and refine the action plan.

Project Action Plan

You will leave with a summary of our recommendations and checklist of action items.

Ongoing Support & Communication

Our team will remain available for two weeks after meetings - by email and phone - to answer any clarifying questions or provide additional assistance.

Estimated Cost

$900 - $3,750 per project

Want to learn more?

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