Working with Prosperity Wealth Management

As an independent firm, we work diligently to remove conflicts of interest by providing fee-only, fiduciary advice.

Our process is thorough, detailed, and technical, but our approach is guided by being accessible, compassionate, honest, and understanding of what it means to be human in a complex world.

There are often competing priorities that come into play with your life goals. Because our team is only paid based on the quality of advice given, you can rest assured that we will objectively analyze these competing needs. Our recommendations come from collaboratively identifying the best approach for you. As a fee-only firm, we don’t sell products.  Therefore, we don’t prioritize our recommendations based on a menu of products that others, who aren't fee only, are conflicted to sell to their clients.

We succeed only when you succeed.

We are not compensated by selling products.

As fee-only fiduciaries, we actually don't sell any products at all; we're compensated for our advice, plan implementation, and the ongoing management of your assets. This method minimizes conflicts of interest and ensures we have the flexibility to recommend the best possible options to our clients.

We are educated in all areas of personal finance.

Don't worry if you aren't an expert in investments, insurance, taxes, retirement and so on - our team is! We analyze all the pieces of the financial planning puzzle because we know they all inform one another and have an impact on your bigger picture. We also work with your existing advisors and value a collaborative approach.

What drives you, drives us.

We help you live life on your terms, while navigating roadblocks or challenging decisions that inevitably arise. As your coach, we hold you accountable to the plan and action items so that you can make positive decisions and act in your own best interest instead of reacting emotionally or in fear.

We empower our clients.

We believe that educated investors are the most successful ones. Therefore, we work alongside our clients in partnership, providing candid guidance and education so that clients can feel empowered to navigate their financial lives and make the best possible choices. 

We Value

CourageHonestyFlexibilityHumilityWisdomRelationshipsHumorCreativityBalancePersonal Development